“Get Swoll” is this bodybuilder’s attempt at inspiring kids

get swoll

I sincerely hope for the sake of the human race that bodybuilder/rapper Constantine AKA Big Con has released his track “Get Swoll” as a joke. Apparently the song is about combating bullying by klapping it at the gym and get huge enough to crush the bullies and is meant to inspire kids out there to follow the same path as Big Con, getting “swoll” in the process.

The new song and video features Kyndra Kennedy (who?) and Big Con is joined by fellow bodybuilder Rich Piana in explaining the dangers of “getting swoll” and all the riches and mooiness associated with it (which are not easily handled by those weak of heart – apparently).

Some people are toting this as an early contender for song of the year for 2014. I, on the other hand – hate those people.


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