Get Slippery & Wet with Erica Elle at the ESP Women’s Day Balloon Party

Slippery & Wet is back at ESP – with the special-edition Slippery & Wet WOMEN’S DAY Balloon Party with Erica Elle (5FM) on Monday 8 August (Tuesday is a a public holiday in SA – Women’s Day!).

5FM’s Erica Elle, iCandy, ESP’s DJ Amanda and Thalia will lead the female assault at ESP along with all the ESP residents – Rafferty, Skinz, Stuart Hillary, Brad Prolad, plus new resident DJ Seebz and a few other surprises.
This particular event will also have a TranceFusion floor – featuring Psykidz (Dizzy & Groove Element aka DJ Morne) launching their new name for this popular psy-trance DJ duo, plus returning Slippery resident James Damian, DJ Bernard & DJ Leo (who used to play at the original ESP years ago). 

This is also the first-ever ESP Slippery & Wet Balloon Party – join us on the night, and look out for balloons everywhere. If you pop the right one, you will be rewarded with a variety of fantastic give-aways – including cosmetics, spa treatments, cell phones, movie tickets, hair styling sessions, beauty products, sunglasses and lots more! If that wasnt a good enough reason, have a look at this photo of Erica Elle:

Yup… #Mooiness.
The Slippery & Wet Women’s Day Balloon Party with Erica Elle on Monday 8 August, exclusive to ESP, will have 3 dance floors:

MAIN FLOOR (Chillers)
5FM’s Erica Elle
DJ Amanda (ESP)

Psykidz (Dizzy & Groove Element)
James Damian
DJ Leo
DJ Bernard

DJ Jevon
Stuart Hillary
Brad Prolad
plus guest DJ Seebz and other surprises.

Doors open 9pm
Entrance: R80
All Ladies FREE until 12:30am

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