GET REAL Set To Take On 2020 Bigger, Better and More Badass

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We arrived at GET REAL festival in December knowing very well there was going to be a 7,000+ crowd, meaning arriving early or avoiding big queues. Or so we thought. On arrival, we were marshalled quickly and efficiently through the entrance to the parking areas and through the multiple ticketing shoots to keep the massive amounts of people arriving flowing and happy. Take into account this was only 3pm, so things were going to get much busier, but well done to GET REAL on keeping this section in an orderly fashion from start to finish. 

We got sent to the Media/VIP parking, ushered into our spot and sent into the backstage area which was perfectly set up at the back right of the stage, with its own personal bar and sectioned off area with a perfect view of the DJ and crowd. One thing we noticed once we walked into the event was the sheer size of the stage and production surrounding it. It took us a moment to get acquainted, say our hellos and gets a drink but that quickly moved us to the dancefloor, where we found ourselves enjoying the set up from afar preparing for an epic audiovisual treat when the sun went down.  

The sounds throughout the day time kept the crowd bouncing, with MKLY, Mogey & Casto B2b IKON stealing the show throughout the day while Dean FUEL, HEADROOM and Groove Delight really did the job perfectly that evening. GET REAL’s array of artists and genres on their line ups really give their audience the best of local and international talents during their 12 hour event.

The sound, the lighting, the venue, it all came alive as the sun went down and boy was the audience in for a treat. Besides fighting off minor wind storms similar to what would be found in the Karoo at Afrikaburn, the energy was taken to another level as we saw one of the most beautiful sunsets at Anura Wine Estate. Fittingly, I found myself at True Pizza, taking down two of their infamous festival pizzas. If you have had one, you’ll know what I am talking about. This is where we took in some well-deserved rest before hitting the dance floor for the remainder of the evening, fully immersing ourselves in the pyrotechnics, visual mapping wrapping the stage and general jaw-dropping execution for an event of this size.

Calling it a night and heading home with the lads from Rogue Wave, we got very deep into the current Cape Town festival scene, but after a good day and night at GET REAL, it’s safe to say that promoters and production companies are taking their jobs very seriously and putting on world-class productions down here in the Southern Most Tip of Africa in Cape Town. 

If you’re sitting without the knowledge that Illusionize will be making his return to GET REAL after a sold-out show in December 2018, we’ve got some awesome news for you. Chemical Surf, after their unfortunate injury, will be joining Illusionize for a Brazilian Invasion to Cape Town shores and if any of you remember Ilusionize in 2018, you’ll remember how jaw-dropping that set was. The entertainment value was through the roof.

It’s pretty obvious we’re in for another sellout show on the 23rd of March as we return to Anura Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, so we’re warning you now to get those tickets before it sells out


Posted by GET REAL on Sunday, 15 December 2019

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