GET REAL is shaping up to be Cape Town’s biggest music festival this December featuring Brazilian Superstars Chemical Surf & Groove Delight

The musical landscape in Cape Town has seen many changes over the decades that music and dance culture have flourished in the city’s beautiful location, and as we enter a new age where electronic music takes front and centre stage, both in popularity amongst the dancers in the crowds and consequently with the festival promoters and bookers themselves, Cape Town has never been a more exciting place to experience the world-class events that are put on as every summer rolls into town.

One of those events is GET REAL, and we took the chance to delve deeper into what puts them at the forefront of maintaining Cape Town’s reputation as a bucket-list party destination with each and every event pushing the envelope on the limits of what is possible, and in turn bringing home what is undoubtedly on the top shelf of the city’s, if not the country’s gig guide.

The advent of hype around festivals is massive, not only back home but the globe over. Promoters and organizers alike, who often struggle to find new and innovative ways to get their event out into the world are slowly fading away making way for fresh ideas and experiences that satisfy the ever-growing need for unforgettable, story-perfect moments. Get Real is constantly bringing the game to pitch fever with new ways of marketing their incredible lineups year after year with increasingly bigger and better international headliners, not to mention bringing back crowd favourites like Gustavo Mota. With lineups like these, it’s undeniable that GET REAL is fast becoming an open-air experience on par with the best events from Europe to the Americas, and this December the GET REAL crew are showing no signs of slowing down promising a show that will dwarf anything we have come to expect from them.

Supported by a South African favourite and no stranger to Cape Town’s stages, GET REAL proudly ushers back a name that garners hype wherever she goes – Groove Delight returns to Cape shores. Infamous for filthy basslines, and trusted to hit the crowd’s sweet spot every single time, Groove Delight brings her banging beats to treat your aural sense from head to toe so get ready to let it all go with the Brazilian Queen of Filth.

Ready to roll in VIP? Get Real offers an exclusive VIP experience for those wanting to live it up and get right up close and personal with the action. Stage-side VIP lounges with your own bar, private area and more special treats to ensure the perfect plush experience at one of this Summer’s hottest electronic music tickets.

Last but not least, when all is said and done, one thing we can be sure about with each every GET REAL is that watching the music, lighting, visuals and fireworks all coming together in an incredible culmination of pure wow, leaves us always wanting more. So make sure you don’t miss this December 7th GET REAL are upping the bar and changing the game as always – we’re already counting down the days!

Haven’t got your tickets yet? Not to worry MyCityByNight has you covered, follow the link below to secure your spot at what is set to be the party of the year when GET REAL open pandora’s box for all to experience…

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