Get Help During A Fire And Other Emergencies With The FREE Namola App


Cover Image | KFM

Two major fires broke out in Cape Town’s City Bowl yesterday afternoon. All available resources were dispatched, including three helicopters, Working on Fire, and the Volunteer Wildfire Services to contain the flames rapidly spreading on Lions Head and Signal Hill

While reports have confirmed that the wildfires are now under control, the public have been urged to remain on high alert. Many people decided to evacuate the area on Sunday evening as the flames reached eerily close to houses and apartment blocks. While no major damage was caused, the possibilities were still high and with the ever-changing climate and living in a fire-risk city, it’s a good idea to have some backup!

Namola is a FREE mobile safety app available across the whole of South Africa. With Namola, it’s as easy as holding down a button to get the help that you need. The site has amazing and quick tutorial videos ensuring the app is clear and easy to use in a tricky situation. Some awesome features include in-app chat feature (for times when you can’t talk in an emergency) and being able to add 5 emergency contacts, who will be notified (along with the authorities) when you need help.
Anyone who downloads the app is encouraged to watch their videos and test the platform out so it’s easy to use when needed. Watch the promo video below. Download Namola for free and watch more tutorial videos as well ’emergency testimonials’ on their website.


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