Get FREE health advice from hundreds of South African doctors on this new COVID-19 hotline

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

A new medical hotline has been launched to assist South Africans in lockdown and provide health advice and support without having to leave their homes. The new hotline is dubbed ‘Doctors on Call’ and is the collaborated effort of a handful of companies and Doctors including, Nedbank, the KwaZulu-Natal Doctors Healthcare Coalition, Usizo Advisory Solutions and the University of Cape Town’s online collaboration and learning system app Vula.

‘Doctors on Call’ is offering South Africans under lockdown easy access to a healthcare professional without having to seek advice in person and risking infecting doctors as well as others.

Support for this programme could help flatten the curve, save our health system from being overwhelmed, protect our economy and ultimately save lives.” Dr Anuschka Coovadia, Project Leader

By calling the hotline, South Africans will have free access to over 450 doctors who have voluntarily committed their professional time and expertise to the initiative. All doctors have also been trained according to the national health guidelines standard operating processes and provide advice according to the NICD regulations in regards to COVID-19.

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The service will be available to the public weekdays from 08:00 until 17:00. Please note, all calls will be screened before being routed for a telephonic consultation with a doctor, for advice relating specifically to COVID-19.

Callers will still pay the normal cost of the call. The number to call is 087 0550 234.

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