Get Down To The Cowhouse Night Market This Weekend

Get Down To The Cowhouse Night Market This Weekend

The fact that us residents of the north have so much choice in terms of craft beer, gin and food is something to be completely excited by. In the heart of the Hazeldean Valley is an old dairy farm that is now a unique gathering spot for lovers of the artisanal movement! So whether you’re a lover of the great outdoors or simply looking for a spot to meet a couple of friends, you’re in the right company.

Cowhouse Market offers guests a regular hangout to experience a farm-setting, without leaving Pretoria. One where they can gather around the rustic tables to enjoy delicious gourmet foods and fruity sangrias from the Udder Bar or well crafted beers from Hazeldean Brewing Co. A modern farmer’s market is too simple a way to describe the Cowhouse, which features handcrafted products and artisanal food such as Real Food Mechanix who offer South African-Mexican fusion cuisine and Whiskey Crafters making unique blends. Collectible antiques spread curiosity and the smell of hand-made leather products adds to the spice that makes all locals, regulars.

Fitness junkies are also able to HVT Run Series – Autumn Trail Run with Hazeldean Valley Trails, whilst dog lovers bring their four legged friends out for the fun. The venue is also the perfect farm experience for entertaining the young ones with rode ponies, jumping castles, the famous duck race, candy hunt and kiddies bike park!

While the children enjoy some fresh air, parents are entertained by the acoustic sounds of live entertainment under a star light sky!


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