Get a First Look at Sacha Baron Cohen’s Secret New Show ‘Who Is America’ in This Shocking 10 min Promo.


Ladies and gentlemen, Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest show “Who is America?” has dropped this week and may just be one of the most important and relevant shows of our time. Cohen is known by fans as one of his widely popular alter egos, Ali G or Borat, whose characters are known for mocking the absurdities of our modern day which is often so influenced by western culture (or the lack thereof). His latest show is shot mostly in secret and will feature interviews with the likes of Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney and more. Cohen is set to play a variety of different characters with IMBb describing the show as “Sacha Baron Cohen’s take on America’s patriotism” – which basically means, the USA is about be trolled hard.

In a brand new promo just released for the Showtime series, Cohen (heavily disguised ) interviews American Gun activist and enthusiast Phillip Cleave. While Cohen is undercover spewing bullshit, Cleave is none the wiser and his answers and point of view regarding minors and guns will leave you speechless. Watch the full promo below and follow Cohen on Twitter for all the latest on his controversial show, “Who is America?”

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