Gentleman’s Night at 220 Princes Lounge

220 princes lounge

I had the pleasure of meeting one half of the creative couple behind 22 Princes Lounge, Mark Harmel last week and much to my embarrassment, was pretty much schooled about a sheer catering gem situated literally minutes walk from my house.

220 Princes Lounge was born out of couple Julia and Mark Harmel’s decision to pull together 3 very different companies (a catering business, coffee shop and events promotion company) under one, very stylish roof. They’re all about catering for the trendy and upmarket crowd, perhaps in future turning into one of the Mother City’s most sophisticated after party venues, due to the unique options of a going to an event at a venue with separate and very distinct spaces including a lounge, bar, dining room, upstairs area and balcony.

The first of many trendy events to follow over the next couple of months is the Gentleman’s Night, which is all about appreciating what it’s like to be a gentleman. Expect top quality brands and many treats that will appeal to every discerning gentleman out there. I know where I’m going to be come 13 September, how’s about you?

Gentleman's Night Invite 220 princes lounge

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