Earn data when you use the innovative and free mCent browser.

The fastest and most efficient way to streamline almost any part of your life is to go digital – it’s quick, convenient, localised and always accessible. However without one simple thing, data, you have none of all that “ease of access”, in fact, without data, your seemingly smart and liberating device leaves you destitute, unable to communicate and network, or access your banking, global information, and your beloved memories of course…

But what if you never had to worry about paying for data? What if by USING your data you were generating a means to make MORE? Well, it’s all possible with an innovative browser called mCent – a free application for Android that’s also supported by Chrome.

The mCent brand is no newbie on the market – in past years the previous and now inactive sister app rewarded users with data for downloading content. But with mCent’s new technology you can now earn points for virtually ANY activity online from Facebook posts to online banking, WhatsApp messages and even just surfing. The platform operates just like any other major browsing brands except for its phenomenal data-reward system.

With over 143,000 5-star google¬†reviews we just had to test it out! Over the next two week’s our entire team here at MyCityByNight will be exclusively using the mCent browser¬†on all our devices to see who can earn the most data – watch this space for in-depth feature reviews and to see who earned the most data.

For more information check the video below, follow the mCent fanpage, visit their website and get your free download right here and start earning data today!


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