Gazelle & Mix n Blend team up for a hot little tune

Local supergroup Gazelle have teamed up with a number of producers originating from all the corners of the globe to put together a quality remix album. During the two years that both Xander and Nick spent promoting their album Chic Afrique they encountered many revolutionary artists and forged alliances. The Revolution Will Be Remixed is a Pandoras box of musical surprises that was produced through these new found friendships. Diverse DJ versions of the group’s original material makes it a unique mix of global influences to African dance music.

They plan to release the tracks on a weekly basis, with (Just Now – Mix n Blend remix) being the first, available from today Monday 24th October.

Just Now (Mix n Blend Remix) by Gazelle & The Revolution

Gazelle & the Revolution: The revolution must be remixed is available to purchase over HERE and on iTunes.

 From the hard hitting hip hop Gazelle track Just Now, featuring South African rap superstar WEEZ, comes an even more explosive mix with Mix n Blend’s Drumstep remix. The duo pushes the sound of Gazelle to the furthest points of dancefloor dementia with a song that any kind of DJ can drop if they need their audience to leap into the air.
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