Gay Men Try Kissing Women In This Video – It’s Awkies

Gay Men Try Kissing Women

gay men kissing women

This seems to be something that a whole lot of people have been wanting to see of late – people who are gay, trying to make out with people that are straight. Inevitably, there’s a whole lot of awkwardness, which to be honest is probably going to be the case when you’re asked to smooch a complete stranger infront of a camera, but is too good to turn your head away.

I feel bad for some of the guys in the video as this is literally the first time they’ve ever kissed a girl, which is pretty daunting stuff even if you aren’t gay. I also don’t think the video has a point more than making it apparent how awkward it is for people to be affectionate to complete strangers, rather than proving that a kiss can turn you straight or keep you gay.

It really seems as if there are many Katy Perry jokes to be made right now, but I’ll do my best to resist taking the cheese to maximum levels with several of these in row.

Maybe just one for the road?

– the gay boys ‘kissed a girl’ — and they liked it.

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