Gauteng to get a second R9 billion waterfront and man-made beach

Gauteng will reportedly be getting a second man-made beach and waterfront development to the tune of R9 billion.  Developers of the new ‘Munyaka’ project, Balwin Properties recently announced its plans to build the “largest crystal-clear lagoon in the southern hemisphere.” The Munyaka development follows the success of the company’s Blyde project (R4.2bn) in Pretoria East, the site of the very first Crystal Lagoon in sub-Sahara Africa.

Balwin Properties have signed an exclusivity agreement with Crystal Lagoons which will see the company develop freshwater lagoons in Johannesburg, Pretoria, the Dolphin Coast, the Western Cape and Mbombela.

The Blyde, Pretoria | Image: BusinessTech

Crystal Lagoons is a multi-national company with offices Worldwide. They have developed an innovative concept and technology, allowing for the construction and maintenance of unlimited size bodies of water, in crystal-clear conditions, at a supposed low cost. “Crystal Lagoons’ impressive turquoise waters are revolutionizing not only the real estate world but also water and energy production,” reads their website. “Applications range from bringing idyllic beach life to locations otherwise thought unimaginable to providing industrial solutions for closed-circuit cooling systems for thermal power plants and data-centres, among others.”

Luxury waterfront apartments in Munyaka, located in Midrand, will range from R799,000 to R1,974,900. A poll has made its way across social platforms, asking, ‘does SA need this?’ You can cast your vote here.

Video | The Blyde

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