Gary Cool Benefit Show: Jack Parow & friends at The Assembly this Wednesday

gary cool benefit

I’ve known Gary Cool for a good couple of years now and the dude has always been one of the most passionate rock aficionados around (as well as a really nice guy). From time to time Gary can also be quite funny, but I think it’s more of a case of people laughing at him, rather than with him (I kid). My mate Gary, rock radio DJ on 2Oceansvibe Radio and AFM 91.3FM as well as a music writer and founder of had some unfortunate luck and was in a motor bike accident after a driver ran a robot. Gary was in hospital for 3 weeks and had to have two operations after crushing and fracturing bones in his tibia (Leg) as well as a fractured collarbone.

Gary is well-known for his love of local rock music and doing all he can to promote local bands and artists on his radio shows, website, brands he writes for as well as his popular twitter account. After his accident, Gary is temporarily disabled and unable to work for a few months. With the medical bills and reduced salary, Ray-Ban and the peeps over at Assembly decided to help Gary and his family out with a benefit. It didn’t take long for Gary’s friends in the industry to step up and do their bit to help raise funds.

The show will be headlined by one of Gary’s favourite artists and friend – Jack Parow and his full band.  Jack Parow will also be filming the event for his DVD. Other artists who have offered to perform are – P.H.FAT, Sideshow, DJ Invizable, DJ Naaldekoker, Stone-Age Citizens, Einstein Adonis and there will be two more acts which will be announced this week.

The event is on Wednesday 8th May at Assembly Cape Town and tickets will cost you only R30 and R40 if you arrive after 10pm. R30 to watch the top class local acts and to support a man who is one of the voices who champions local music.

Click here to join the event on Facebook:

After almost 2 months of not being on air – Gary Cool will be back on radio later this evening from 9pm to midnight on AFM 91.3fm.

See you there!


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