Game of Thrones slip up again during the final episode – this time with a plastic bottle

Plastic bottle spotted in final Game of Thrones episode


Long-time fans having been airing their complaints about the final season of Game of Thrones right since it began. Many followers feel the writing in this season feels “rushed” and that sub-plots many felt were important are now quietly being dropped without any conclusion, while the fates of certain beloved characters are totally unacceptable to others.

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While I’ve personally been enjoying the eighth season of GOT, I have to agree – the finale was a total toss-up, a waste of time and I can’t believe that I have been up since 5 am just for this shit. I mean, who the hell saw that coming? Bran? Broken Bran, really? I guess it now makes sense why the Night King was always after him.

So Daenerys dies in front of her beloved Iron Throne, Bran becomes King, Arya sales off into the sunset, Sansa remains Queen of the North and Jon, air to the throne, is shipped back to the goddamn Nights Watch? And Drogon? Where the hell did Drogon go?

Plastic bottle spotted in final Game of Thrones episode

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any sloppier, the GOT crew went and slipped up again, this time leaving a plastic water bottle in one of the final scenes. While it’s not blatantly visible, it is still noticeable and just like the Starbucks coffee cup in episode four, no one bothered to edit it out before the global screening.

We get it, the cast and crew must be exhausted – but this was no ordinary show and now, I’m kind of starting to understand why so many passionate fans are petitioning for a remake of the entire season…

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