Furious customer drives her car into a building and another pees on the floor of a bank


It’s been a rather bad week for banks and their employees. Two incidents which took place days apart involving women, who seemingly had been pushed to the edge have gone viral.

The first incident took place in Boksburg last Friday where an angry customer repeatedly drove her car through the front doors of Standard Bank after apparently being kept waiting too long. The frustrated woman reportedly refused to stand in a queue any longer after a problem with withdrawing money from a teller. The motorist, who is in her 40s, was arrested at the scene.

And in another incident which took place yesterday at an FNB branch in Kempton Park, a client who was kept waiting too long became so desperate for the toilet that she urinated on the floor. After apparently fighting with bank staff for an hour and the toilets being locked due to a burst pipe, she decided to let loose.

High-five South Africa!



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