Funny FIFA 13 Demo Glitches

I am incredibly entertained by the smallest, most infantile things, which is probably why most of you are going to glance at this post very briefly before moving on to other hard hitting journalism on the site. For the rest of you, here are some of the more ridiculous glitches that have been picked up in the demo versions of Fifa 13, which is being released in South Africa on the 28th of September.

First up there’s Gervinho passing a drop ball back to the opposition (Fifa Fairplay and all of that) and then somehow gets injured in the process.

Next up you’ve some super crappy refereeing as Robinho is given a red card after being kicked in the face.

Last up we’ve got a powerful, eternal slide from Arteta on Balotelli. Hilarious.

Lets hope they get these bugs sorted out before the release. To be honest though, I think this type of stuff is a lag- you know, it keeps the game interesting and stuff.

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