Funktion Koncepts Ushering in a New Standard for Local, High-End Audio Solutions.

Funktion Koncepts has taken over the niche events/festival market, growing exponentially in the past year, solidifying their expertise in the entertainment industry in South Africa. The brand has been providing events/festivals and concerts with arguably one of the best sound systems in the world – Funktion One along with an all-inclusive brand and customer expertise to be reckoned with.

As a company, they’re not only fast becoming the “go-to providers” for innovative, high-end audio solutions but also a brand with a strong online identity and presence through all social channels and platforms relating to local and international music. The company and its team are not just passionate about sound, they’re passionate about live-music culture and supporting the local entertainment and music industry beyond providing world-class sound and technicians.

Their current Funktion One system is suitable for a wide variety of events, from small shows to corporate gatherings, large festivals and more. Their dedicated technical team are well trained and experienced and have worked at many major events/festivals across the country such as Future Frequency Festival, Paradise Springs, Kinky Summer, Bezique Festival, MCQP, Rage Rooftop Dreaming, Sweet Nothings and more.

The Funktion Koncepts culture, service and system is fast becoming an industry standard in the South African entertainment sphere, raising the bar higher than ever before with an unrivalled system and it’s phenomenal audio output.

Beyond astronomically clear sound the company also provides a high live streaming service to further the impact and online reach of just about any event. Funktion Koncepts provides pre, live and post-video content as well as the finest post-production audio for video. All equipment is provided and they can manage up to eight cameras per stream.

If that’s not impressive enough,  let’s take a closer look at what else Funktion Koncepts has to offer your event/festival.

  • Tailor-made audio solutions/system to suit you, the client and your target market/audience.
  • Guaranteed outstanding sound and support with full-time, on-site sound engineers.
  • DJ Equipment including a 4x CDJ 2000 NX2 AND 1x DJM 900 NX2
  • And Facebook Marketing/ Live stream community management.

With a brand fast moving from the niche sphere into the commercial space, and with an uncontested audio system that’s continuing to grow, Funktion Koncepts is one too look out for and definitely one to hire. For more information on how the FK team and their Funktion One on board with your event visit their Facebook page and get in touch to request a quote and be sure to check out their event packages below.

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