Fuck It, It’s Free – NoBucks & King Joo Celebrate!


On the 3rd of January, the day I ventured back into the work place as well as start my recovery from New Years Rezonance I have been faced with the task of telling my liver one more night of drinking will be okay. Why is that you ask? We will be celebrating NoBucks and the King Joo’s birthday. What makes this even better is that the event itself is FREE – thats what NoBucks is all about right. Drinks on the night will be cheaper than usual and DJ line up shows the King Joo’s undying love for electro as well as a variety of breaks and dubs.



And, just confirmed, PASCAL & PEARCE


The Basement
(which is under FTV)

Oh yeah, we have an unlimited guestlist, courtesy of the King Joo – Get to the door, get your free stamp and THEN tell them you are on the King Joo’s birthday list

Apparently and I am just throwing this out there, but there might even be naked chicks walking around handing out FREE tequila on NoBucks (Thanks King Joo)


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