From the mouths of babies – Kids react candidly to gay marriage proposals

kids react to gay marriage proposals

There us so much opposition to gay marriage around the world, which to us seems like the most ridiculous thing we’ve heard of in this day and age. Thankfully, it appears like the generation that will be growing up to take our place will be a far more tolerant one.

In the video, which has now gone viral – kids from California aged between 5 and 13 are shown 2 gay marriage proposal videos and get their very honest reactions live on film, followed by a couple of questions about how they feel about marriage after having watched these clips. Most encouragingly, the reactions of the kids are all respectful and fill with joy rather than the bigotry that we’re so used to seeing from certain church groups and less developed society populated by older generations.

The most pertinent of comments has to be this one from the kids –

‘if one person should be able to do something then everybody else should be able to do it’

From the mouths of babes hey? Yay for the future 🙂

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