From the Frontline: Saving our Rhino

Rhino Saving
This film was made in support of the SANParks Honorary Rangers. This is a volunteer organisation working alongside SANParks (South Africa National Parks) to support conservation efforts in South Africa’s national parks.

Currently they are working tirelessly to raise funds to train and facilitate large counter poaching teams across South Africa to save our rhino.

Help us win the war against poaching, make a donation and share this film. Every cent donated will reach the intended anti-poaching project.

This documentary has been made to raise awareness and provide necessary funding for the Honorary Rangers who train and support the Rangers working in our twenty-one national parks.  In particular this film examines more closely the men and women who are risking their lives to protect our Rhino in the world famous Kruger National Park.  The Kruger National Park is larger in area than the Netherlands and it is home to ninety percent of the world’s Rhino population.

The Kruger National Park is not developed and there are very few roads, these brave young men and woman have a massive task to protect Rhino in very difficult conditions.  Without the correct training by the Honorary Rangers their task would be impossible.

The Honorary Rangers rely completely on donations to fund the training of these brave young men and women.

Please share this important documentary on all your social media channels.  WE need to fight this war correctly in order to save our Rhino. We need to raise funds for this completely transparent and legitimate  organization

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