From Farmstall to Long Street – Moro Gelato

The latest addition to Long Street. Summer treats indeed.

Moro Gelato has humble beginnings from a grandmother’s seaside home, to the Oranjezicht City Farm Market, growing into what is now a picture-perfect little shop on Long Street.

Stefano Moro, alongside Heine van Wyk and Charlene Stephenson took their passion for artisanal gelato and brought it to our Western Cape doorstep. About two years ago, the trio brought their first cart to the Oranjezicht City Farm Market to share their love for the impeccable cup or cone. Little did they know, it would become one of Cape Town’s gems. As you step into Moro Gelato, on 165 Long Street, the little mosaic floor detail upon entering already tells you that you are in for a treat. From the golden pozzetti housing the delicious flavours, which change on a twice-monthly basis, to the melted chocolate fountains and fresh crisp cones and wafers, Moro serves up the faultless cone.

The recipe for the chocolate gelato is still to this day Stefano’s Nonna’s recipe, which he watched time and time again coming together in Liguria, from one of the first 500-gram counter top gelato machines. This passion sent him to Bologna to refine his recipes; bringing us Moro Gelato.

The menu comes in three sections, Classic Creams such as pistachio, cioccolato, fior di latte. nocciola and caffe; Moro Specialty, bringing about flavours such as Marchese, tiramisu, jam on toast, salty caramel popcorn, and coconut straciatella; and lastly, Sorbets such as ginger beer, apple, and chocolate sorbet.

Now these are only some of the flavours that the shop has this week, and twice a month, you get surprised with even more! But have no fear, your classics like chocolate are always on the menu!

The gelato is made daily with fresh local produce, to develop the deep, creamy and sweet flavours. The pistachio ice cream tastes like the actual thing, and not that knock off ‘pistachio essence’ flavour we are so used to getting at any old run of the mill ice cream shop, and the jam on toast is actual jam on toast! There is no other way to describe it, even if we tried! The Marchese flavour hit every spot, with its Tahitian vanilla, macadamia butter and caramelised almonds; the salted caramel popcorn surprised you with its subtle saltiness and the inexplicable, yet perfectly chewy pieces of popcorn, complimenting the creaminess of the gelato, it was both weird and magical to our taste buds, bringing together two very different textures. The inspiration for these specialty gelatos come from Stefano’s passion for cooking and his want to replicate the flavours within his gelato.

What topped it all off for us? Being asked whether we wanted a wafer on our gelato; now this is not any wafer, you can have it plain or run under the melted chocolate fountain. We opted for the dark chocolate instead of the white to cut through the sweetness of the ice cream. And hey, if you want to go crazy, we do not judge, ask them to top it off with homemade whipped cream or a homemade marshmallow, both at an additional charge of R8.

The options are a cone with up to two flavours for R35, or opt for a cup: small with up to two flavours for R35, medium for up to three flavours for R45, or a large cup with 4 flavours at R65, and for the children, a kiddies cup with a single flavour for R25!

Moro does not just stop at its gelato, it also offers milkshakes for R55 and a small liquid chocolate shot served in a mini cone at only R10! And if you do not want to be greedy (and we think you definitely should not, because everyone should have the luxury of having Moro in their life), take some home in couch boxes of 1kg (R220) or ½kg (R120).

Now the prices are extremely reasonable for the quality you are getting, and the shop is not just a shop, but an experience, one we would like to keep having as new flavours come out! So stop by the shop or head to Oranjezicht City Farm Market this Saturday, and find them at the vegetable tent, and I would not be surprised if there is a line, because this definitely gets a 5 from us!

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