Friendzoned On Live TV – Ouch!

The Friend Zone Is A Difficult Place To Escape

We’ve all been there before… the Friend Zone. Sometimes the Friend Zone is so dastardly that you literally don’t even know that you’re stuck inside it. Case in point a dude called Steve who appeared on the latest edition of Wayne Brady’s ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ who should have discussed the relationship he had with his partner Jessie beforehand.

Jessie seemed rather bleak when she was referred to as his girlfriend of 6 months and told that they should probably talk about things backstage to sort things out. She then went on to reiterate that she was 100% single, leaving Steve to wallow in pity over being placed firmly in the zone on a tv game show for everyone to see.

This is so rough:

Damn… that doesn’t get any easier to watch does it?!

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