Fridaze Tunage| Dynamo’s Drum n Bass Video Minimix

Phaze, one of the top Drum n Bass producers in the country in my eyes sent me this link this morning. I only got around to checking it out now but besides the insane tracklisting, I gotta give the man Dynamo some props on the video he created for his minimix.  Check out this beast of mix and the sick video that goes with it… Atleast we know he ain’t no David Guetta! Nice one Dynamo…. BOOM!

Crystal Clear – Hate The Game Featuring Stapleton
Xample, Lomax, Loadstar – Link To The Past
2DB – JD’s Revenge
Crystal Clear, Zen – Ultrasound
Crystal Clear – Pure Thought
Tyke – The Giggler
Heist – Gauntlet
Heist – Concentration
Origin, Cabbie – Like My Skillz
Taxman, Original Sin – Seen
Hazard – Mr. Happy

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