Fridaze Tunage: Astrix – Trance For Nations///010 [Free Download]

Fridaze Tunage: Astrix – Trance For Nations///010 (Check out the tracklisting at the bottom of the post)

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Track list:

1. Astrix – Psychedelic experience
2. Easy Riders & Symbolic – Flashback (Astrix remix)
3. Vertical Mode – Deep vibrations (Astrix remix)
4. Astrix – Vicious cycles
5. Astrix & Ace Ventura -Drunk on dreams
6. Astrix & Deederah – Gayatri
7. Astrix – Type 1
8. Astrix – Adventure mode (Major7 remix)
9. Astrix – Talking stones
10. Astrix – Dharma (Vertical Mode remix)
11. Astrix – Random moves
12. Astrix – Disco valley (Bliss remix)

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