FreshlyGround tours the USA & Canada this July

This one is for all of the Americans who read this site (believe me there are a quite a few yanks that love this little site)… A properly famous group by the name of FRESHLYGROUND (remember, they sang the Fifa World Cup song with the loose hipped Shakira) will be on tour in the US & CANADA in July.
Freshlyground will once again take their unique fusion of rock, jazz and Afro-pop, which burst onto the scene in 2002, to international shores. Following on from previous successful international tours that have included USA, Europe, Canada and the Far East, June 2011 will see them revisit America and Canada with some exceptional shows in store, including a special performance in New York at the Central Park Summer Stage alongside South African Jazz legend Hugh Masekela and Ugandan vocalist, Somi. The have already appeared at the Montreal Jazzfest alongside Prince, Angelique Kidjo, Ben Harper and many others with appearances in Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, Vancouver, Seattle, Boston and New York to follow.

Freshlyground will be uploading an exclusive daily tour diary on their facebook page – you can tour the USA with them!

These boys and girls are really good and I urge everyone that has the opportunity to catch them while on tour to check them out- you wont be sorry- and maybe you’ll want to come and visit our awesome shores! 🙂
2nd                              Washington                                         Black Cat        
5th                               Philadelphia                                        World Café Life          
6th                               New York                                             SOBs   
7th                               Burnstown                                           Neat Voffee Shop       
8th                               Quebec                                                Festival D’ete 
9th                               Burlington                                           Higher Ground           
10th                             Pasadena                                             Levitt Pavilion                                                                         
13th                             San Francisco                                      The Brick and Motar Music Hall       
14th                             Santa Cruz                                           Kuumbwa Jazz Center
15th                             Vancouver                                           Vancouver Folk Festival         
16th                             Vancouver                                           Vancouver Folk Festival         
17th                             Vancouver                                           Vancouver Folk Festival         
17th                             Seattle                                                 Nectar

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