French Vogue Use Little Girls As Models

Now I don’t know if its just me, but what the fuck are French Vogue thinking?

They have decided that this months issue is going to have little girls all dolled up and being models, some even draped in animal skins too!

I would expect this from the likes of some hick town in America where being they have those weird ass beauty pageants and doll their kids up on all sorts of fucked up ways, but one of the fashion capitals of the world doing something like this is just beyond me!

This is like a fucking paedophiles wet dream!

They not even done is a classy way, they look like little tarts or whores.

Translation of the above picture:

“Which make up at which age?
How to make up at the age of 15? And 70? Probably not like if you were 20.
Make up artists are categorical and have a strong, sharp look on that question.”

Now that may mean the article is done about make up artists or the fact that kids make themselves up from a young age, but whatever which way, its just plain wrong.

To say that these images are disturbing is an understatement.

Vogue SA, if I ever see shit like this in our stores, be warned, I will come to your offices and fuck shit up!

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  1. Now this is just plain disgusting! Is the world not superficial enough yet? My fracken word!!!!!!!!!

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