French teens arrested after kidnapping a llama & then taking it on the subway

french teens kinap llama

Your life is not complete until you’ve had a party of epic proportions – you know one of those crazy Project X/The Hangover ones that someone could make a movie about if they ever found out about it? Well these 5 French students had one such an evening, which is going to be pretty difficult to top.

The story is that these five mates were out on the town in Bordeaux, getting rather oiled when they eventually left and came across a traveling circus that was in town. Deciding that it was obviously a great idea, the lads broke into the circus and kidnapped (set free) an 8 year old llama named Serge for a bit of fun.

llama kidnap

Once they had freed Serge they took him for a ride on the subway, filming the whole thing and posting plenty of pics to their social media accounts during the excursion. Somehow they made it past a series of stops with the llama, when the 5 partying youths were eventually arrested by police, who had been alerted to claims of a llama riding a subway train at the Place de la Comedie station. After all of the fun Serge the llama was returned to its rightful owners, making a full recovery to perform in his act later that day.

Hopefully the kids won’t get into too much trouble for what is probably the most memorable night out France has ever had the privilege of playing host to. Knowing the French though, they’ll probably castrated or something equally as un-befitting on the crime.

llama subway


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  1. lol now thats messed up! hahaha so funny. poor llama

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