Free Beer Friday #atBEERHOUSE on Long

Did someone say FREE BEER?

We live for the weekend, so when the clock strikes 5 pm on a Friday (or 3 pm in Cape Town), it’s time to down the tools and enjoy a few cold ones, wouldn’t you agree? Of course, you would. Now let’s talk about Beerhouse for a minute. They’re talking about a FREE BEER FRIDAY. We’ve must admit, this does make us immediately want to skip that last hour and race through to Beerhouse. This is your new Friday plan done and dusted.

Join the Beerhouse team for a free keg of beer every Friday from 4 or 5pm. Yes, that’s right. Free beer. Only until the free stock lasts – the earlier the come the more likely you are to get some of the free stock!

All you have to do is whisper the password to one of our beer navigators and free beer is yours. The password will change weekly and is released on Twitter and in this Facebook event.

So rip your eyes away from your spreadsheets and check our social media for your ticket to free beer #atBEERHOUSE

Getting the free beer involves an interesting ritual. The password for the day would be released (on Facebook. Shh!) at around 3 pm and you would need to cite it upon arrival at the bar. It was sort of like a secret handshake or a sneaky wink to the bartender. Except that the joke was on you.

#FreeBeerFriday #atBEERHOUSE

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