Francois Steyn’s 60m Drop Goal!

We all know how Francois Steyn can kick a ball. We have seen it in the Super 14 last year with his 100m kick against the Brumbies or his 61m penalty kick against the All Blacks or his ridiculous drop goal against the Cheetahs, he is known for having a huge boot. What I have just seen though, is pretty dam out of this world. Frans has a go from his own 10m line, a drop kick as well. Look at how cleanly he strikes the ball, he even turns before the ball has gone over. Confidence if you ask me! I really miss watching Frans play, wish he would come back here and take control and dominate like he usually does!

Lovely stuff, thats why we need him back down here. The Sharks could have definitely used him at number 10 this year. Surely that is where he wanted to play. I mean, everyone knows that Ruan Pienaar isnt a flyhalf and Andy Goode has been worse then shocking this season. Why do the Sharks continually go looking for overseas flyhalves, Michalak, Hernandez and Goode when the talent is right here in front of us! Beats me…

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  1. That drop goal is absolutely ridiculous..he could have skopped that from his 22m and it would have gone over!

  2. I know, its massive hey! he kills it… pity we couldnt watch him this season in the Super 14. I am sure he would have had a surprise or two up his sleave us this season in the Super 14 had he played

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