Fourways Farmers Market – Youth Day Market

The Fourways Farmers Market is hosting a Youth Day Market tomorrow - come enjoy some time in the Jozi Winter sunshine


Youth Day 2016 is nearly upon us and the Fourways Farmers Market has got you covered for a fun filled day out in the Jozi Winter sun. It’s by far one of the city’s best markets and you can expect a super relaxed day out with great food and drink to keep you merry.

Bring your picnic blankets along and enjoy an array of Artisinal Food Vendors, Live Music, Craft Beer, Cocktails and an exciting kids play park . Lets celebrate together in the Bigger, Brighter, Bolder Farmers Market on Youth Day!

Gate opens at 09h00-16h00
R10.00 Entry for adults . Children under 12yrs are free

Check out more details over here

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