Four Sensational Marketing Stints by Deadpool in Just One Month.

Honestly, Ryan Reynolds is everything Deadpool and visa versa – I know that sounds rather obvious and silly but the man embodies and owns it – I just can’t see there ever being another. Deadpool belongs to Reynolds, he was born for this role and in a strange way, he never leaves it (just check his twitter account) 

The guy’s enigmatic so using him to market just about anything is easy (nevermind a comic book character he now believes he is). However, the current promotional craze surrounding the latest Deadpool movie has been producing some rather awesome signature content and we’ve got to give the team behind it all major props.

Just this past month Reynolds made a surprise appearance on a Korean talent show wearing a unicorn mask, he then battled it out in an amusing session of Playground Insults with co-star Josh Brolin in the UK, followed by an even funnier video apology to David Beckham – for insulting him in the previous Deadpool film.

Finally and most recently, the franchise has taken over original movie covers in stores all over America! Sensational, quirky and ‘out of the box’marketing! Check it all out below and welcome to Marvel nation, people!

1) Korean Talent Show Appearance 


2) Playground Insults With Josh Brolin


3) Deadpool Apologises to David Beckham


4) Deadpool Takes over Original Movie Covers in Store Across America




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