Fortnite star ‘Ninja’ is releasing a new book and graphic novel this year

Fortnite star 'Ninja' is releasing a new book and graphic novel this year


The most popular gamer in the world, Ninja aka Tyler Blevins will be taking his career a step or two further this year by releasing three books and becoming a published author.

Thanks to a three-book deal with the publishing house Penguin Books, Blevins will be releasing three books; The first, titled “Ninja: Get Good,” is an illustrated guide book to help players become more competitive gamers and will be sold along with a “Ninja Notebook” – a journal to encourage players on their quest to “up their game”. The third book titled, “Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game” is a graphic novel about Blevins himself being held captive in a new video game, trying to fight his way out.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has become known as the world’s most popular video game streamer and one of the most competitive gamers in the industry. Blevins rose to global stardom in the gaming scene after building a reputation as one of the best “Fortnite” players in the world. His popularity skyrocketed even further after playing “Fortnite” with Drake last year and was named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People of 2018.

Ninja has over 22 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and 14 million followers on both Instagram and Twitch. When recently speaking with the LA Times, Blevins expressed his desire to be known as more than “just the Fortnite guy” and hopes this new book deal could be the next step in expanding his career and identity.

Blevins books are set for release later this year between August and December.

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