Former UCT students create a new ride sharing app called ‘City One’


Two friends and former UCT students are hoping to reduce commuting time and traffic with their new app called ‘City One‘. The idea is to get more South Africans to travel together who usually share the same daily routes.

Friends and founders of City One, Gugulethu Mhlanga and Simphiwe Kuse met when they became roommates at UCT where Kuse studied for a degree in Philosophy, Public Policy and Policy and Mhlanga, in mechanical engineering. It was during a morning commute from Athlone, with a housemate, that Mhlanga came up with the idea of encouraging South Africans to travel together in order to reduce the heavy flow of traffic in Cape Town.

Every morning I would watch as people drive alone in their cars while struggling with traffic congestion, rising fuel prices and parking costs. It made sense that sharing vehicles would be an efficient way to commute but motivating people to do so and putting strangers in touch with each other would be very difficult.”

Passionate about improving the standard of living in Africa through tech and innovation, Mhlanga reached out to his former varsity roommate, Kuse, to help develop the idea of the City One app.

Our primary market is people who stay and work in the same area. Other platforms match people for on-demand use cases, which is generally difficult. We believe focusing on daily commuting will tackle a painful part of daily driving”

The app connects people living and working within close proximity of each other so that they can start travelling together. The commuters share the costs that start at a minimum fee of R20 with an added charge of R2.50 per km. The app is currently only available on Apple’s iStore and covers Johannesburg and Cape Town and will launch on Android in March. For more information visit the City One website and check out their Facebook page.

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