Forget productivity – you can now play every SEGA Megadrive game EVER made online

sega megadrive

Monday is probably not the best time to mention to an entire workforce of people that I managed to stumble across an amazing website that allows you to play every single Sega Megadrive game EVER made! Yes, that’s right people, you can get down to some seriously nostalgic gaming with very little other than a browser and an internet connection. If you’re sitting back, reading this and asking – what’s the big deal? – you clearly are too young for me.

The SEGA Megadrive defined gaming in terms of what was available on consoles in terms of storyline and graphics and it was from this point that the Playstations and Xbox’s we see today evolved from. This website is retro-gold and allows you to play ever game ever produced on the humble console, online and for free. Let’s stop pretending that you’re going to do any more work today… head on over to and get down to some Sonic, or even better… Mortal Kombat!

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