Forge – The new app for Cape Town hikers will guide you along your chosen path

Photo by Clayton Cardinalli on Unsplash


Forge is a new hiking app dedicated to Cape Town routes. Founded by three outdoor-loving locals, the app is designed to effortlessly guide users along their chosen path with their range of user-friendly digital maps of the entire Cape Peninsula.

The Cape Peninsula has over 1300 km of hiking trails and Forge allows users to move around its map to reveal this world of breathtaking routes to explore. Each trail on the Forge app is digitised and accurate allowing hikers to enthral themselves in the great outdoors without losing their way.

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Forge also allows its users to make an informed decision when selecting a path by providing a detailed overview of each trail from the difficulty to time, distance and even elevation of the hike.

For more information visit the Forge website or simply download the app today on the App or Google Play Store.

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