Football Fan Gets Karate Kick To The Bek By A Player

Football Fan Gets Karate Kick To The Bek By A Player


If you’ve been following the BPL for a few years, you’ll without remember when Eric Cantona went a bit crazy and gave a fan a proper karate kick to the chest after the dude made fun of his mother. Cantona was subsequently banned from playing football for 8 months, but something tells me that an Argentinian player by the name of Sebastian Pol is going to be missing from the game for a whole lot longer.

Sebastian Pol currently plays for a team in Chile called Audax Italiano and completely lost his cool when a rival fan was laying into him during a game and decided to climb into the crowd to deliver an absolutely mental flying kick to the rowdy fan. Check it out:

Damn. That was proper savage! Pol was arrested and questioned immediately after the game but is still waiting to hear if he’ll face criminal charges in addition to a ban for the incident. Shoo…

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