Footage of 1 World Trade Centre Base Jump leaked onto the internet as perps turn themselves into police

World trade centre base jump

Earlier this week a group of men who somehow managed to break into the 1 World Trade Centre in New York last year turned themselves into police. As a result of this, the footage of their insane stunt made it onto the internet for all of us to enjoy. From transcripts of their interviews with police, the group of daredevils said they had pulled the stunt as a way of testing how secure the building was and how susceptible it was to terrorist attack (especially after the while 9/11 catastrophe).

Apparently while they navigated their way to the 104th floor of the building, not even one guard tried to stop them, with police only managing to identify the 4 men in January of this year, leading to warrants for their arrest and ultimately the guys turning themselves in. ‘Murica right?

I’m pretty sure the US government will over-react and sentence to 100 years in Guantanamo Bay. Hey, at least we get to see this absolutely insane footage:

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