This Footage From A Haunted Morgue Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

This Footage From A Haunted Morgue Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

I’m a real sucker for a good ghost story and this video has been doing the rounds online, freaking out tons of people in the process. Many people have done everything that they can in an attempt to capture ghosts in the act, thereby proving that they actually do exist but up until now there really hasn’t been any conclusive evidence of paranormal activity.

The footage below is taken from a morgue over in Brazil and features some guys investigating a spooky door that keeps slamming. The video features just about everything you’d need to be creeped out – flickering lights, slamming doors and then no actual person or thing at the end of the hall causing all the drama.

OK, so I’m really hoping that this is all fake because working in a morgue as freaky as this, really should come with danger pay for all the poor sods employed there. Damn… definitely not sleeping with the lights off tonight!

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