Food & Wine Gourmet Evenings at Piccolo Mondo at The Michelangelo

We Hope You're Up For Monthly Food & Wine Gourmet Evenings at Piccolo Mondo at The Michelangelo

Sandton in Jozi is known for its collection of swanky restaurants and hotels, which means you’re really spoiled for choice when it comes to enjoying the finer things in life. While exploring the city earlier this month as part of my quest to be a tourist in my own country, I came across the Renaissance architecture of The Michelangelo hotel in the heart of the Richest Square Mile in Africa.

Apart from offering 242 suites and rooms – with ensuite amenities – as well as world-class facilities in a stylish and elegant setting, the Michelangelo provides easy access to some of Africa’s finest shops, restaurants, cinemas and theatres within Sandton. Included as part of the food, wine and good time mix is the Piccolo Mondo restaurant, which hosts gourmet evenings once a month.

As part of the evenings, local wine producers have the opportunity to showcase their exclusive selection of wines to a discerning crowd, while giving the foodies like you and I the chance to meet, socialize and enjoy good food with equally tasty wine in one of the best settings available in the City Of Gold.

Normally, the restaurants in these hotels are so uptight that you don’t actually even get to enjoy what is on offer, but I can honestly say that the Piccolo Mondo restaurant couldn’t be any further from this in terms of an overall experience. You definitely know you’re in the middle of Sandton but at no point feel pressure to use your cutlery in the correct order, which on its own is more than enough to get me to go.

We’ll be popping around to some of the other offerings within the Legacy Collection to find the one spot that’s just right for the MyCityByNight crowd living in the most progressive city in Africa.

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