Food Ink presents: Black Tie Dinner Event in aid of Soil for Life

Screenshot_2014-06-13-09-50-26-1If you’re a massive foodie living in Jozi with a penchant for making a difference then the Food Ink Black Tie Dinner Event in aid of Soil for Life is definitely for you.  It’s a rather fancy affair (so no jeans), with all of the proceeds from the dinner going to the charity  Soil for Life, which is a charity that helps people grow their own food and teaches them how to live sustainably as opposed to just feeding people everyday (you know – the whole teach a man to fish thing). On the night you’ll have the pleasure of a 5 course meal with wine and there will be a cash bar on the night as well as art for sale from local artists.

Even though it’s a Black Tie event, you can be sure that you’re going to have an enjoyable evening between new friends. There are also lots of prizes that can be won the the night and at the time of publishing they only had 20 seats left (if you book and pay by Wednesday the organisers are offering a discount of sorts).


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