Food for thought | KushKush’s cannabis-inspired food community

Food for thought | KushKush’s cannabis-inspired food community

Cannabis-infused edible products are becoming more commonplace as consumers explore new legal ways to enjoy the benefits of this wonder plant. Edibles are indeed a popular form of consumption – whether you’re buying a ready-made chocolate bar or making your own homemade chocolate bark. Those wanting to learn how to prepare and enjoy edibles can look to KushKush – – an online community around all things cannabis that embraces canna-curious foodies with a menu of delicious solutions.

Created by founder Jo Hope, an entrepreneur, design lover and sustainability advocate, KushKush was formed to create a space to learn and be inspired. ‘Our goal is to cultivate a refreshing representation of cannabis culture,’ says Hope. A curated selection of content combined with beautiful and functional premium products encourage clients to enjoy cannabis in style.

The content doesn’t only cover think pieces, opinions and research, but also covers essential daily rituals like eating. Your first stop is KushKush’s news section which is packed full of resources to help you create cannabis-inclusive dishes and snacks, as well as open the door to further reading resources to extend your recipe repertoire.

One such publication is Kitchen Toke magazine. A design-led publication that comes out quarterly, its focus is on spreading awareness on the wellness benefits of cannabis via stories (simultaneously debunking myths and misinformation) and enables readers to explore their own curiosity through a collection of great recipes.

Also available by way of reading material is the Edibles recipe book. Comprising 30 recipes for low-dose cannabis treats, the book is aimed at bakers of all skill levels. In addition to recipes, it includes helpful guides and tips in terms of dosage and portions, especially helpful for novices.

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Some of the delicious recipes you’ll find in these publications include Cannabutter (a master ingredient used for baked goods and other dishes), which will form the basis of a number of the recipes in the collection, as well as the recipes that KushKush generously shares online. One of these latter is White Chocolate Bark – a stylish deconstructed dessert with a punch. Comprised of shards of white chocolate embedded with cannabis-buttered pistachios and dusted with desiccated coconut and edible flowers, it’s as elegant as it is exciting, and will provide a visual feast as well as a talking point at the table. Find this recipe here.

Other recipes include dry mouth lozenges that are ideal for on the go, or between meals; oysters in Cannabutter (for something celebratory); and Cannapasta, which serves as a perfect dinner-party staple for a group of likeminded guests.

Through cookbooks, recipes, information and stories that help to educate, inspire and illuminate KushKush readers, the site will inform visitors and allow them to exercise their newfound knowledge when using and purchasing the products – which are available via KushKush’s e-commerce platform.

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Whether you’re an aspiring cook or simply a food lover, think of KushKush as your go-to for ideas and inspiration. When making recreational snacks or cooking for loved ones, KushKush is the resource to help you grow in your cannabis-appreciation and exploration journey.

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About KushKush: KushKush is all about building a community of both new and experienced recreational and medicinal cannabis consumers. You don’t need to be a consumer to belong to this community – it is also intended for the curious and open-minded. KushKush’s mission is to cultivate a refreshing and inspired representation of cannabis culture, in South Africa and abroad, that educates, illuminates and shifts public sentiment. The e-commerce site curates a selection of beautiful but functional premium cannabis lifestyle products and nifty, specialised tools.

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