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I came across this little tidbit about the Titanic’s last Twitter voyage while chatting to Stacey Norman last night. To coincide with the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of The Titanic, The History Press, a UK publisher has decided to reinact the doomed voyage using Twitter.

The @TitanicRealTime account on Twitter will be live tweeting about the voyage from the perspective of the, passengers, crew and captain with the whole thing coming to a crux on April 15, which is the 100-year anniversary the ship’s sinking. There are around 190 planned tweets that are as historically accurate as possible, given the available research consisting of eye-witness accounts, photographs, and other historical bits of info.

The account has been steadily gaining followers with over 20 000 keen to see what the next tweet is going to say. So far, they’ve already started talking about the dimensions of the ship, what cutting edge (for back then) equipment they have and how many lifeboats there are.

Check out this Titanic crew Tweet:

“The capacity of the lifeboats is somewhat of a concern, only 1,178. If anything were to happen there won’t be enough space.”

We all know what is going to happen, so it’s almost more exciting to watch than the current season of Keeping up With Kardashians where we know that they don’t end up together. The account is probably going to really heat up around April 10, which is the day that the ship set sail on its maiden voyage.

Can you imagine what the tweets from “passengers” are going to say?

“Stoked to be on the safest ship ever built, this is going to be the best holiday ever”

– Yeah… maybe not so much

I think it’s a fairly cool little initiative if you’re a bit of history buff like I am. Follow the @TitanicRealTime for updates

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