Fokof To Release New Album – Let’s Help Them!


I remember the first time I sang the words Fokooooof, fokofpolisiekar!” around my folks and got a well-deserved PK for intentionally trying to stir the coloured Catholic household I grew up in. I remember the first time I attended a gig. A rock gig, when I was trying hard to shed my roots as coloured teenager who was only meant to listen to Tupac and KCI & Jojo by getting into rock, punk and metal. This first gig was none other than Knife Fest or Knife Fight, forgive me for my years of alcohol abuse has not been kind to my memory. It was at this particular gig which took place close to my neighbourhood in Diep Rivier at the now deceased 3 Arts Theatre where I first attempted:

A mosh pit. (Broke one of the arms of my spectacles.)
Chugging a beer.
Chugging another beer.
Tactical chunder.
Crowd surfing. (they had a line leading on stage for one person at a time)
Singing along to Fokofpolisiekar.

Never in my little, sheltered life before this did I imagine that I’d ever listen to anything local. I loathed local television and thanks to Bles Bridges and Hofmeyr I never thought I’d even consider listening to Afrikaans music.

Now one of the amazing things about FPK is, these young at the time had a vision. They had decided to abandon the throngs of Bellville and the “suiwer” Afrikaans community and the dreams of receiving a gold watch upon completing 45 years of work at Sanlam. They set out to become the voice of our generation. The voice of the teenager (at first), the voice of the young South African wanting to break free from the norm of; finishing Matric, going to Uni and working in a job that ultimately leads to depression and pulling a Kurt Cobain at 45.

That being said, and my friend Alana and I are the proof in the pudding (along with many other South Africans of all demographics), their music was not in any way just for white Afrikaans people. Their music spoke to all of us, all us weirdos, outcasts, delinquents, artists, musicians and ultimately young people who were craving great, original and fucking rocking music!

I was hooked. In the years to come before I became a pill popping trance kop I used to attend countless gigs. Many of which had Fokofpolisiekar headlining. They’ve been around with me and many others from my generation of so-called fuck-ups, from awkward kisses in the mosh pit as a tween right up to being tackled for the fuck of it at 25 at Ramfest and beyond.

What I loved the most about FPK and still do to this day was their blatant disregard for censorship. Ooms, tannies and taanies (coloured slang for mom) around the country were shocked. They were only shocked because prior to this era they were all oppressed by 1950’s good manners and standards. Never before had they encountered such raw, loud and ultimately ombeskofte musiek!

Who gives a rat ass if one or two words in a song are vulgar? I believe if the message is good and the music is sweet, fucking sing it.

That’s exactly what Fokofpolisiekar embodied. With two full-length albums under their belt, 4 EPs, 2 compilation albums and one live album this South African legendary super act is set to bring out their next album. After 11 years since their last full album Swanesang which was released back in 2006. Christ, I was 20 back then.

If you consider yourself a fan, actually fuck that word. Fokofpolisiekar lovers are more than fans. If you consider yourself a Fokof Shock trooper, a person who embodies the Spirit of Fokof, then it’s time for you to help these massive legends complete their next album.

They’ve set out with a Thundafund campaign (click here) to raise R500,000 in 60 days *right now they’re 29% of the way* and this will cover production costs, a music video as well as the pledge prizes which are pretty fucking insane. From CDs, vinyl, merch to Hunters guitar to a goddamn branded Smeg refrigerator and more, there is something for every hungry South African who appreciates the beautiful noise that FPK creates.

Check out the all the details here, throw in a pledge or two and by October we’ll all get to experience the next best thing in South African music. Again.

Now Fokof and crowdfund – HERE

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