FOG Fest 2014 feat. Pascal & Pearce, Mark Stent, Tradmarc, Poppy(5fm), Rocca and Martini, Dave Skinz & more!!!

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Time to kick a hole in the world by illuminating FOG Fest 2014!
An insane blend of artists that come together to entertain the CRAP out of you!!!

2 dance floors! indoors and outside!
Epic drink specials!

Outside dance floor

12pm – 2pm Nat Alley Cat
2pm – 4pm Sim Star
4pm – 5pm Poppy(5fm)
5pm – 6pm Kyle Watson
6pm – 7pm Trademarc
7pm – 8pm Rocca and Martini (JHB)
8pm – 9pm Mark Stent
9pm – 10pm Pascal and Pearce
10pm – 11pm Dave Skinz (ESP)

Inside dance floor

2pm – 4pm DJ eNeva
4pm – 5pm Gareth Givemore (UJFM)
5pm – 6pm DJ Blend
6pm – 8pm DJ x T c
8pm – 9pm Just Juls
9pm – 11pm DJ Vixen
11pm – 12am EcStacy
12am – 2am – Prog Rocketts

What to Expect:

SICK drink specials
CRAZY production
INTENSE partying
MAD fun

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