Floyd Mayweather finally agrees to fight Manny Pacquiao


The passed weekend was one packed full of drama, especially when you consider the fact that Floyd Mayweather finally agreed to fight Manny Pacquiao in what is going to be a 250 million dollar fight. There have been quite a few people in the boxing fraternity who have called Money Mayweather a bit of a coward for his lack of desire to take on the Pacman over the last couple of years. Since the murmurings of a potential mega fight between the two stars, Pacquiao has been on the decline losing a series of fights back to back, which could explain why Floyd is all of a sudden keen to make the fight happen.

The fight is rumoured to be worth $250 million and is scheduled to take place on the 2nd of May 2015 in Las Vegas under the Showtime Boxing banner if all the negotiations pan out. I reckon Money Mayweather has got a good shot at keeping his undefeated record intact, should the fight actually materialise.

What do you think – Pacman or Money Mayweather?

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  1. I dont get the “…Pacquiao has been on the decline losing a series of fights back to back…” part. Pacman lost 2 fights in 2012. Won his only fight in 2013 won both his fights in 2014.

    Money Mayweather is close to retiring, he’s scared of Pacman & this fight will probably be his last.
    Win or Lose, it will be his meal ticket for a very long time.

    Lets hope they can get the money issue sorted and get this fight locked in for May 2015.

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