FlipSell – It’s Like Tinder for Buying and Selling

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The future of second-hand buying and selling has arrived with FlipSell.

We live in a world where shopping online is now the norm, even our slightly techno-phobic parents can do it, calling for a taxi is done at the push of button and we store our lives in the “cloud’, we’ve all seen the hilarious movie Sex Tape.

The 21st century signifies the digital era and it progresses at such a rapid rate, that we are often left scrambling to keep up. A classic example is the process of buying and selling online goods, surely it seems bizarre and unsafe to have to exchange phone calls, smses or emails with complete strangers? We’re pretty sure that’s how most horror movies start…

Well that is now a thing of the past, thanks to FlipSell.

Just like “traditional” online classifieds, FlipSell provides the platform for users to buy and sell from the comfort of their own home. But this is where things get interesting – FlipSell also offers secure online payments and door-to-door deliveries, all off one platform. Everything that is listed is actually for sale – you don’t have to worry that it’s “no longer available”.

Much like swiping through Tinder profiles, buyers can simply swipe through items they are interested in and if interested, they can simply just make an offer, now you wish Tinder was that simple and convenient too right?

Why make an offer and not just buy, well because if your budget isn’t the asking price you can try bringing the sellers price down. Yes, this is a platform where you can bargain, from the buyers and sellers side. During the process the buyer and seller never exchange personal details, it is all controlled safely and privately by FlipSell. No more meeting strangers, who could be serial killers, que horror music, or giving your number out to people who may just fancy you and ask you on a date.

Once a price has been negotiated a FlipChamp is dispatched to collect the goods from the seller and deliver them directly to its new owner. Worried that your goods might get “lost” in transit? Don’t be! Every item collected is put in a tamper proof bag, and on the off chance something goes wrong, every item is insured through Outsurance for extra piece of mind. Once the new owner is satisfied with the quality and is happy with the purchase, FlipSell will release the funds to the seller, however, if the buyer isn’t happy with the item they have a 100% guaranteed return policy.

FlipSell have taken their processes back to the drawing board time after time and settled with this complete scam proof system.

Gone are the days of scams and the hassle that comes with second-hand buying, FlipSell has arrived. Yes you can applaud if you really want to. We won’t tell anyone, not even the creep who asked for your number to buy that old iPhone of yours.

Times are changing, so isn’t it time you upgraded from classifieds to FlipSell? The only thing stopping you, should be the online jobs you’re currently searching for while sitting at your desk at your current job.

Visit www.flipsell.co.za to start buying and selling.

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