Flash Competition| Flash Republic @Trinity tm night

In keeping with our themed competitions (even though this might be the first one), we’ve decided to hook all you MyCityByNight alumni up with a flash competition to go and see the Flash Republic along with Dean Fuel, Ryan Dent and Craig Massive tomorrow night at Cape Town’s newest nightime hotspot- Trinity.

We’ve got 2 sets of Double tickets on offer courtesy of the kind folks over at Trinity and all you have to do is comment-

Thats right… first 2 comments to this post win a set of double tickets to tomorrow night’s festivities each… Simple!

It really does pay to keep MyCityByNight open on your browser AAAAAALLLLL day 🙂

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  1. Please organise pleeeeease> Im a super huge fan of Flash and im really at every of their CT gigs…

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