Five of the worst driving habits according to new survey

Driving Habits
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Nissan recently released its findings from a survey that highlights the worst driving habits and most common causes of stress and arguments for both drivers and passengers.

To summarise, Nissan concluded that drivers and passengers could reduce the stress of their car journeys if they only took some time to plan their journey properly, their listening material and took some simple steps to drive more considerately.

The study discovered that reckless driving and mobile phone usage are the leading causes of arguments among European motorists with 45% saying that talking on a phone or texting while driving is the main reason for stress and disputes.

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39% identified dangerous overtaking as the biggest cause for stress and more than a third of motorists said last-minute braking was the most unnerving.

Worst driving habits according to European motorists:

  • Using the phone while driving/texting while driving (45%)
  • Dangerous overtaking (39%)
  • Last-minute braking (35%)
  • Sudden or harsh braking unnecessarily (33%)
  • Tailgating (32%)

72% of the survey participants state that using the phone while driving or texting behind the wheel are the worst driving habits and a large source of stress between drivers and passengers and are considered more stressful than dangerous overtaking and tailgating.

When it comes to avoiding in-car arguments, European drivers indicated a range of technological features to use in order to maintain in-car harmony such as digital navigation aides, intelligent cruise control, hands-free mobile phone technology and driving assistance technologies

Nissan also surveyed what motorists found to be relaxing and enjoyable on the road and found both drivers and passengers value good music (55%) and safe driving (59%) above all else for great car journeys.

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