Five of the Most Controversial Shows on Showmax Right Now.


Showmax has become known for hosting a wide variety of exclusive content from some of the worlds most famous and sought-after networks. We’ve listed our favourite, the latest and most binge-worthy, but this week, we decided to take a look a Showmax’s more racy side and browsed through the Adults Only collection in search for their most controversial content. Here are our top five choices on must-see, controversial hit-series.



This hit tv-series is based on one of the worlds most illustrious and secretive sex clubs. It follows the lives of the clubs founder and his close-knit team as they detail how they plan events for their clients, from the membership process right down to the finest detail on fetish inspired attire. The series became infamous overnight causing mixed reviews amongst viewers. Some of the clubs own clients shunned the docu-series and felt like their privacy was being exposed. None the less, love it or hate it, SNCTM is undeniably compelling. Read more about the show here and watch the trailer below.

The Young Pope

This show is mesmerizing as it is ridiculous. The religion and Catholic faith have long been the source of horror films but in this 10 episode series, the pope himself is the monster. When fresh-faced, little-known American, Lenny Belardo is elected as pope, the church establishment hopes he will be a compliant puppet and the glue between church conservatives and liberals, but Cardinal Belardo [Pius XIII] is as defiant as they come.  Watch the trailer below.


HBO’s controversial SCI-FI is as shocking as it is captivating. The artificial playground of Westworld isn’t at all what it seems. The futuristic park whose inhabitants look like humans but are in fact AI, serve only one purpose. These robo-hosts allow visitors to live out their fantasies through artificial consciousness – there are no rules and no consequences. The show explores humanity’s more sadistic side, asking the question – if given the opportunity, how far will you go?  Start watching Westworld for free right here.


A show strongly driven by visuals and shock effect, Banshee has definitely got as many haters as it does fans. The show which is already into its fourth season tells the wild story of an ex-con who assumes the identity of Sheriff Lucas Hood in a town called Banshee – where his ex-lover and partner in crime now lives, also under a false identity. Hood attempts to win back his old flame all while continuing his life of crime and fighting off ghosts from his past. Watch the epic trailer below and get ready be mind blown from season 1 and up right here.


The commentary on female oppression in this ‘battle of the brothels’ series set in a dark and distasteful era of women’s oppression will immerse and shock you. The show which is now in season 2 takes a stark look at the reality of women living and working in the sex trade centuries ago.  Watch Harlots s1 trailer below and get binging on every episode for free on Showmax.

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